Couples Therapy

Intimacy is one of the most difficult things we can achieve. We long for someone to understand us wholly, to be our “person.” Finding that person can be hard enough, and sooner or later a relationship is formed. The maintenance of this relationship demands that we pour care and attention like never before – balancing the needs of the other person, with the needs of the relationship, without losing a sense of self.

Having a space where patterns are observed and deconstructed can be beneficial. Actively participating in co-creating problem solving methods can be life saving. Wondering out loud about the goals of a relationship and then having honest conversations about how to get there as a couple is essential. Sometimes, this process is happening even as the couple is maturing, or when the couple feels like it has plateaued.

There are a variety of different reasons couples come to therapy. These are a list of familiar reasons.

  • Premarital Counseling.
  • To improve communication.
  • To set long term goals.
  • Sexual issues that exist in the relationship.
  • Technology issues like social media and screen time.
  • Understanding the blending of families in a relationship
  • Integrating a partnership when one member has psychological diagnosis like ADHD, Aspergers or Depression.
  • Figuring out how to deal with a difficult family relationship that exists outside of the relationship.
  • Difficulty discussing finances as a couple.

Call for a free consultation to talk more about how couples therapy could help improve your life, the life of your partner and your relationship.

Logan Williamson’s passion is truly working to understand the differences that each individual brings to session. He believes that cultural context influences someone’s perspective, and tailors his work to these differences. Logan is a LGBTQ affirming counselor.